Veronica Armstrong Lawyer

Veronica Armstrong

Founder and CEO of Veronica Armstrong Law Corporation, Veronica has been practising securities law in Canada for almost 20 years. Before then, as a corporate and international finance lawyer, Veronica led an international legal team at Nedbank, a major South African bank. She has since added corporate law and personal planning to her areas of practice.

She consults to investment firms about compliance with securities and anti-money laundering laws. Her work includes writing their policies and procedures in clear language and training their staff. Much of the training is focused on how to manage a change of corporate culture, which includes both shifting the compliance mindset and building procedures and systems to cope with new regulatory requirements. Her first exposure to change management was during South Africa’s transition from apartheid to a more inclusive society. She learned the principles of reconciliation by participating in facilitated mini truth and reconciliation circles.

As an entrepreneur and graduate of the University of Stellenbosch School of Business, Veronica relates to the challenges business owners face, and she enjoys helping them find solutions. She believes in offering an alternative to the confusing language that comes in most traditional legal documents. This empowers clients to move forward with clarity.

Wanting a more relaxed atmosphere, she moved Veronica Armstrong Law Corporation into its current office in Steveston in June 2015. There she has assembled a great team of lawyers to enhance and solidify client services.

In 2013, she was named Toastmaster of the Year by the BC Toastmasters District. She also received a community service award from The Chinese Association in South Africa for founding the Hong Ning Chinese seniors care facility in South Africa in 1980.