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Is the future of your family’s assets protected? What would happen if someone passed away suddenly? Are you prepared? Our goal is to help you with all of these concerns. If your current will (if you have one) has been sitting for a while, maybe it needs updating. Here at VALC we know the importance of ensuring your life affairs are in order.  We guide you through your personal planning.


What happens if I die without a will? Does all my money go to the government? These are questions I hear very often. I’m Veronica Armstrong, President of Veronica Armstrong Law Corporation, based in beautiful Steveston, British Columbia. We believe you and your family should have peace of mind when a family member passes away. Download the wills form to get started.

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Wills, powers of attorney, representation agreements, and advance directives


A will is the document that sets out what you want to happen with your estate after your death. Having a will takes away the uncertainty your family members may feel and gives them peace of mind. They can see how you want your assets divided and who you wanted to attend to doing that. If you have young children, you should also appoint a guardian for them in case both parents die.

A power of attorney names someone you would like to help you with your affairs. An enduring power of attorney is one that survives any mental incapacity you may suffer. It does not survive your death. At the time of your death, the person you name as executor in your will takes over your assets to administer as you direct in your will.

A representation agreement names someone you would like to help you with your personal and health care affairs. You can also include your end-of-life wishes in the representation agreement. The representation agreement also does not survive your death. For people who have mental health challenges, there is a Section 7 representation agreement.

An advance directive is like a living will. It tells the medical community what your wishes are if you are unable to speak for yourself or you are near death. It can operate to bypass your representative so the doctors can carry out your wishes in the event of an emergency.

Probate and estate administration


We can assist you with a smooth probate and estate administration process. We file the will and all other necessary documents with the probate registry and handle all their questions. That removes the stress from what is already an emotional experience.

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