Module Units: 10       Quizzes: 10

Timeline to Complete: The course will expire after 6 months from the date of enrollment.


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Module 1 Preparing for Compliance Exam
Unit 0 Preparing for a Compliance Exam Video
Module 2 Requirements for EMDs
Unit 0 Requirements for EMDs Video
Module 3 Client Focused Reforms
Unit 0 Client Focused Reforms Video
Module 4 CFR Conflicts
Unit 0 CFR Conflicts Video
Module 5 Roles of Registered Individuals
Unit 0 Roles of Registered Individuals Video
Module 6 Client Management
Unit 0 Client Management Video
Module 7 Prospectus Exemption
Unit 0 Prospectus Exemption Video
Module 8 Webinar Cyber Security
Unit 0 Webinar Cyber Security Video
Module 9 Anti Money Laundering Part 1
Unit 0 Anti Money Laundering Part 1 Video
Module 10 Anti Money Laundering Part 2
Unit 0 Anti Money Laundering Part 2 Video
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