Incorporations, restorations, dissolutions, amalgamations

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To Incorporate or not to Incorporate?

If you are looking to incorporate your business, we provide an understanding of why or why not you need to incorporate your business. Should incorporation be right for you, we navigate you through the steps required to complete the process. In doing so, we provide appropriate share structure, shareholder agreements, reserve your name and draw up the articles of association, if necessary. We submit the incorporation application and prepare all corporate resolutions to get the company started.


If your company has been deregistered (which usually happens if you’ve forgotten to file your annual reports for two years), we can apply to have it restored. But if you use our corporate secretarial services, you’ll never forget to file your annual report, because we will do it for you!

Dissolving your company?

If you no longer carry on business and you wish to deregister your company, we can prepare and file all the necessary documents for you.

Amalgamating companies

If you are amalgamating your business, we can draw up all the necessary agreements and official paperwork and file that as well.


Get it right the first time! Contracts are so important these days and you need legal advice to ensure that there are no surprises when things don’t go as planned. We draw up all types of business agreements, including non-disclosure and non-competition agreements, service agreements, suppliers’ agreements, and any other contracts you need to run your business.

We have a wealth of experience drawing up joint venture agreements for real estate projects, limited partnership agreements, and offering memoranda and subscription agreements for developers and mortgage investment entities.

And we do it using simple language, so you will always understand your rights and obligations.

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