All About Naming Your Corporation

Did you know a lot goes into naming your corporation? For companies just starting up it is one of the first decisions that needs to be made. For established companies that are rebranding or re-organizing it can be an equally important decision. Here Andrew Brown, one of our corporate & commercial lawyers, explains the difference […]

All About Corporate Minute Books

What is a Minute Book and why does it matter? A corporate Minute Book is a collection of all of a corporation’s most important records.  It includes the articles of incorporation (which is like a corporation’s birth certificate), minutes of shareholders and directors meetings, a current list of shareholders, directors, and officers, and much more. […]

Privacy Law in BC

Privacy is important to everyone. Clients and customers often take safekeeping of their personal information into account when choosing and approaching businesses. In order to be trustworthy to clients, and more importantly, compliant to law, it is important to understand an organization’s obligation under privacy laws when collecting and storing its clients’ personal information. There […]