Canadians Cannot Become Financially Literate Without Understanding the Language

Financial literacy means knowing and understanding the tools needed to manage and grow your money. But how do we do that if we don’t understand the language? The gap between the language the financial services industry uses and the consumer’s understanding is huge. In this fast-changing world of cryptocurrency, digital assets, and artificial intelligence, how […]

What is a representation agreement?

Many people assume a power of attorney gives the attorney the right to make decisions about a person’s health care. In British Columbia, a power of attorney does not go that far. If you need help with making decisions about your health care, or if you know someone who does, you should consider a representation […]

Financial crimes reporting

Listen to the Audio here Financial crimes are crimes that involve money. They could range from vanilla white-collar frauds to esoteric but increasingly commonplace spoofing, phishing, and cyber ransom. As the incidence of financial crimes increases, so do the reporting obligations for securities firms. Money laundering is the process through which criminals pass money from […]

How safe is your business?

Recently I was the victim of email hacking. Up until then, I had considered myself careful and cautious. I don’t open emails with attachments that come from people I don’t know. I don’t even usually open attachments from people I do know if I’m not expecting them. However, that is exactly how I exposed my […]